A Heartache Afternoon. Live heartbreaking music and a lonely dj. Sunday, March 31.

Sunday, March 31 – A Heartache Afternoon #1

With spring and romance in the air we like to enjoy one more afternoon of heartache and melancholy.

Two singers/musicians will spill out their hearts for us while a lonely DJ in the corner spins his most tear-jerking singles for us.

Anne Bakker plays viola and puts down a dark orchestration with her sampler machines. Together with her vocals it reminds us of gothic drum and bass one moment and Irish folk music the other.

Alexandra Alden is from Malta. Her songs tell a personal story in the best tradition of singer-songwriters. With just her guitar accompanying her, her clear voice brings across the story pretty intensly.

DJ Heartbreak Motel will bring his small recordplayer and a box of the saddest singles in the histroy of popular music. Just let him sit in the corner with that single glass of wine, please don’t bother him …

Starting at 14:00 hrs. Sunday, March 31.

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