the Lisa Marie is gestopt en gaat in augustus verder als la Petite Soeur van bistro Dubac.

the end of the LISA MARIE

as from may 24th, 19:00h last call for drinks - the LISA MARIE is handing over it’s ownership to a trusted colleague.

We were a not so ordinary starterbar: food, drinks and (rock & roll) music, ‘around the corner’ at Katendrecht. Now, the founder of the LISA MARIE, Posse, is continuing at another corner with @eauxposse - Schiemond 40.

meet you at the EAUXverkant,



Happy weekend! Our terras is open ‘till 18 — no worries, we’ve got you covered ⛱ ...

The sun’s shining and we’re there, just around the corner, to kick-off your weekend! ⛱ open from Friday ‘til Monday 12-18. ...

3..2..1.. ready to rumble! Who is joining us from 12 - 18 today? There’s even enough space to park your bike — ‘cause don’t drink & drive... ...

Are you ready..? We’re reopening our terrace - our brand new menu will be served next Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

— reserve your spot via the website or drop by your favourite corner.
See you tomorrow!


Tonight wednesday 14/10 we are gonna be open for you lounge lizards one last night, for the time being. Open from 15:00hrs til 22:00hrs. See you down at The LisaMarie!

... Please understand we still have limited seats so reservations recommended!

Today! Last day of the Tour de France with DJ Robert Maintenant spinning obscure French vinyl!

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Stuffed Green Heart: artichoke heart stuffed with flavorful bulgur with artichoke and mushroom and spices.

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