A mixed Solitary Tartan Afternoon with a tartan wearing deejay, the presentation of Solitaire (a local Islay Oak Aged spirit) and forlorn poetry to boot!

The presentation of SOLITAIRE will start at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
SOLITAIRE is a new drink made in Rotterdam by a group of artists als responsible for the peppered spirit of STOOKOLIE 010.
SOLITAIRE is aged on an Islay Oak Whisky barrel and combines the peaty smoaked flavors with a subtile backdrop of fresh black pepper.
It is a drink best enjoyed on your own: you don’t have to care nor share.

SOLITAIRE will be available in the liquor store (almost) next door: Propola. For the occasion you will get a SOLITAIRE tumbler for free.

MacHokum, the Scottish cousin of Mister Hokum and Monsieur Raquette, will spin old-time records on his old-time machine.
Don’t know if he will bring his bagpipe or his ukelele but otherwise totally geared up!

Gino van Weenen will read his existential poetry later in the afternoon, from 4 o’clock on in intervals.
Gino is an allround cultural phenomenon: actor, writer, poet, educator, organizer and MC. His happy face pops up at nearly every cultural event in Rotterdam. And we love his poetry! Come and check it out!


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